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Strengths and Weaknesses part 3. Weaknesses

Weaknesses are the opposite of strengths on a mental level. They are not necessarily things you are bad at. You may be good, but your weaknesses are mental. You don't expect something or get satisfaction from doing it. After doing it, you feel tired and indifferent, and you don't look forward to doing it with pleasure, but try to avoid it. You can try to improve your weaknesses, but they are also your repetitive thought patterns, so you have to reprogram your brain and it's hard. One of my weaknesses is meeting half-acquaintances. I try to avoid them until the end. I'd rather walk away from another person than go towards them. The mere thought of this event makes me anxious. Dealing with weaknesses is challenging. There are ways to avoid and reduce their role. The first five that come to mind are:

  1. Do not do it

  2. Develop yourself in it

  3. Partner up with someone

  4. Develop a support system

  5. Change your weakness into strength

As I already mentioned, I use the first method to avoid encounters with half-acquaintances. I spend more time avoiding them than I would spend on the encounters themselves. This is not reasonable, but I have to admit that I don't always act rationally. I try to strive for it, but weaknesses are often unconscious behaviors. You can't avoid all things. Then develop your weakness. This requires greater mental effort. That's why investing time in this doesn't make sense if you don't have to. This wastes resources from your more useful activities.

You often need other people to overcome a weakness. There are many people in your close circle whose strengths are your weaknesses. At workplaces, it is worth investing in forming such partnerships. You can help those close to you with your strengths if they are their weaknesses. Developing a support system takes time. You can use tools to develop the system. Automate your actions if you lack the desire for something. If you want to save money regularly, set up a continuous direct account transfer for saving. Sometimes you may have a weakness that you can hide with your strengths. You can get rid of the tension by imagining that you are somewhere else. A stand up comedian can create a sketch character by exaggerating his weaknesses. He thinks about the role on stage, imagining that he is just acting.

If you cannot avoid or work around your weaknesses, you must improve them to tolerable levels. You can't let them ruin your whole life. Get over yourself and improve them. Your journey may be painful, but your weaknesses may produce the greatest waste in life. You can achieve great results with smaller effort. The advantages and disadvantages of strengths and weaknesses vary from person to person. You have to work things out yourself. Remember that by changing a few critical things, you can achieve big results, whether they are about strengths or weaknesses.

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