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Strengths and Weaknesses part 2 Strengths

 Your strengths are combinations of your knowledge, skills and talents. You need them all to bring out the best in you. Of these three, the most important part and the one that clearly sets you apart from the rest is talent, i.e. repetitive thinking patterns. They are your unique talents. You are different because the impulses of your brain are brought in different ways. Acquiring knowledge and skills are essential, but they can also be acquired by others. It is impossible to copy your personal filter. You are different from others, so find your own strengths. They have common features.

I use four different parts in the book. The last three are more or less psychic similarities and success tells about how well the strengths come out:

  1. Success

  2. Instinct

  3. Growth

  4. Need

Success is the most obvious feature. Success tells you that you have some ability. There is still a long way to go from ability to strength. I can drop anything and catch any item myself before it hits the ground better than most people. It is difficult for me to refine this ability into a strength. If you know how I can do this, please tell me. The mere ability to do something and succeed in it is not enough if certain psychological criteria are not met.

Utilizing strengths based on instinct is more common than conscious action. This says a lot about the uniqueness of the strengths. You act strongly on your instincts. It is a condition of your existence. Instincts make you volunteer for things you're good at.

Growth means the ability to learn things very quickly and to refine one's ability to do things quickly. Abilities are things that seem easy to you. They do not require your special concentration but feel natural. You can lose track of time during them. This means the so-called flow state. In this case, you will be happy and you will accomplish a lot without realizing it. Growth takes place by utilizing strengths.

A need means how you feel a moment after an action. You are e.g. satisfied, happy and you feel that you have reached a peaceful state of being. Strive for the same state over and over again. You feel mentally strong even though you are physically exhausted. Your need to do something was stronger as a child. Then, you mostly try to do things that feel good. As an adult, you will have many mental obstacles that reduce the need. Strengths are the things you do that make you feel strong, and your weaknesses are the things that make you feel weak. You can be good at something, but still feel mentally drained. This is a sign of your weakness. Use your strengths because they work with less effort. Utilizing them gives you an edge over those who don't.

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