sunnuntai 8. tammikuuta 2023

Productivity vs Efficiency

Your productivity increases when you do things better than before. Your efficiency increases as you reach your goal faster. The difference between productivity and efficiency can be seen in the fact that in efficiency thinking you wonder if you need to do something at all. Increasing efficiency means selective laziness. By focusing on it, you decide whether you are doing things that are useful for you or whether you are doing mandatory things only to reach their minimum effective dose.

People can be roughly divided into four different groups in terms of work ethic and intelligence. Stupid and lazy is not useful. Still, remember that intelligence comes in many forms and you can get more out of stupid and lazy in the right task. Hardworking and stupid is the most dangerous combination. They cause damage by focusing on the wrong things. They can be workaholics without achieving any benefits. Stupid and diligent people can cause damage, because the mistakes they produce are impossible to correct. Doing pointless and useless things well does not make them important, and spending a lot of time on pointless things does not add value.

Hardworking and lazy are the best people. They probably maximize what they do better than others because they do not want to do unnecessary work. Hardworking and smart is a relatively good combination because they rarely make big mistakes or do a lot of useless tasks. People in this group can learn to be lazy because they have enough capacity to learn to be more efficient. Maximizing efficiency is done by focusing on the things that produce the greatest benefits. Strive to maximize efficiency, especially at work. Think before you act. Even hard-working and lazy people don't always understand the most important things. Often this is due to emotions. However, don't overthink because your instincts are often right and overthinking causes indecision, creating inefficiency.

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