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The Minimum Effective Dose (MED)

The term means the minimum dose required to achieve a wanted result. We can use it in almost everything. We should not focus on increasing investment, but focus on taking into account the unnecessary consumption of energy after certain amounts. The balance of benefits and harms must be maximized to get the best results. It is achieved with the Minimum Effective Dose. In medicine, the term is used to prescribe as little medication as possible because they cause side effects that can be worse than the ailments for which medications are prescribed. The minimum dose is not just a useful term for individuals. It is suitable for larger crowds. For example, we should only clean enough of our house for the person who needs cleaning the most. If it were done according to another amount, the consequences would be too great and the benefits non-existent. We can use the minimum dose in almost all walks of life. It is worth sacrificing a lot of our thinking to take advantage of it.

It is easier for us to give up or reduce things. This way of improving our lives reduces mental burden. Giving up reduces the wrong kind of stress and makes things easier. Giving up everything is not the best solution. Therefore, a minimum dose is the best option. Cause-effect relationships are important when thinking about the minimum dose, because everything has good and bad effects. Cleaning improves cleanliness and reduces the number of bacteria. The negative effect is the time spent.

The usefulness of the term is not a simple matter. We are so different that the same rules do not apply to everyone. We need to find out our own resilience. We can only do it by experimenting. It may take time to experiment, but it is worth the time. We can use some stimulants too, like coffee. Testing the right amount is done by drinking different amounts of coffee a day, observing your own reactions. For myself, the optimal amount is two cups a day. At this level, my level of alertness is at its best. A larger amount causes mild restlessness. A smaller amount does not have enough good effects. By enjoying two cups a day, I get the best night’s sleep relative to the level of alertness of the day.

The Minimum Effective Dose also applies to social epidemics. It describes the number of people to get the epidemic spread around. In other words, the MED means enough people to reach the tipping point in social epidemics. Some businesses require the MED of money to finance successful investments, etc.


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