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short introduction about the philosophy part 2.


The purpose of the mindset is to get people to create activities that will greatly improve their lives by separating the few important things from the useless. Conscious consideration of one’s own actions is important, but unfortunately it is not easy. The mindset is not linear or fast but slow and thoughtful compared to “Get everything fast” thinking. Traditional thinking is different from this method and cannot be used in the same way. Above all, this way of thinking makes a person act differently than what society considers wise. One of its purposes is to enjoy life and leave out things that people don’t enjoy. Everyone's life is made enjoyable. Less is more philosophy is meant to maximize enjoyment by reducing time from doing things people do not care about.

The best way to think about modern society is shaped in the film Fight Club, in which the character Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt, describes the modern world as follows: “An entire generation refueling, serving at tables, slaves in white collars. Advertising makes them chase cars and clothes, do jobs they hate so they can buy junk we don’t need. To be able to impress people they do not like. ” We have such a terrible amount of useless load in the form of both goods and use of time that we don’t even realize it.

Doing less gets more done

A small part of the making produces a large portion of the results and the smallest portion of the making produces most of the problems. These principles work in both private and corporate life. People do not have the ability to be good at everything. Everyone’s talents are different. Focusing on a few core areas will accomplish much more than trying to do everything possible. People have dozens of things to do at a time, and the biggest benefit comes from focusing on a few tasks that are at their most effective. People are able to do few things at once 100%, which means that many actions produce nothing but wasted effort.

Time is the most valuable commodity

The Western conception of time is distorted and misleading. It says that there is not enough time for anything. This is largely an illusion and not based on reality. Less is more thinking questions this perception and greatly improves efficiency. This requires an open mind and a willingness to question one’s own perceptions of one’s use of time. Time Management is a big business and is based on doing small things a little faster and more systematically, meaning saving expensive minutes or less time all day long. This is due in part to a Protestant work ethic that emphasizes long working days and tireless work. Freeing people from unnecessary waste of time reduces their stress. Less is more is a philosophy focused on improving lives by investing in shorter working days, doing only the things that really need to be done and not increasing the workload.

Well-being does not require great deeds or great wealth

Our well-being is not about big things. We need to keep in mind that in order to do well, we need to think about times when things have been very good or bad. In order to do better, we should increase the number of good times and reduce the number of bad ones. We need to do more of the things we enjoy and reduce those we feel uncomfortable with. If these things come up, people might want to think about how they can increase their comfort. We have a good opportunity today to shape our lives in a happier direction and we must seize our opportunity.

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